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Malibu Inspiration – 500 Years in the Making


I love to travel and especially enjoy historical & cultural architecture. This photo was taken while on a family vacation to northern India, at Raj Mahal, or King’s Palace, located in the northeast region of India. It is part of the historic Orchha Fort that includes an elaborately decorated palace, a temple and magnificent formal gardens.

I marvel at this “early window” and think it’s a perfect example of how form and function was achieved – even in the 1500’s when this Palace was built. It’s perfectly utilitarian; providing cooling breezes, filtered light, a barrier from flying birds and the three-story drop below. Yet the window’s intricate, mosaic pattern is designed to look like a piece of art or tapestry, and provides a strategically placed view of the Chaturbhuj Temple across the courtyard.

Maximizing the Potential of Your Home

Modern-day luxury glass doors are a way for you to achieve the same balance of form and function as ancient architects. For those of us who are fortunate to own a home in Malibu with a stunning Pacific Ocean or the Santa Monica Mountain view – you’ll want to feature those views with the best doors and windows that you can afford. And in fact, most Malibu remodels now include at least one high-end custom door at a prominent location in the house, to provide a “moveable wall of glass” that brings the outside in. Take a fresh look at your house, yard and view. What’s your best focal point? Think about how you can best take advantage of this feature.

Windows and doors will be one of the largest budget items in a house. To get the best “bang for your buck,” build around the best “view room.” Install the widest and tallest (8 ft tall are ideal) glass doors that you can, and create a comfortable, outdoor patio space just beyond. Add a beautiful sunset, a delicious bottle from MalibuWines.com, some friends & family – and you’ll have that enviable, indoor/outdoor lifestyle Southern California is so famous for!


These top manufacturers are noted for their excellence in design, technology & green innovations:

1. Fleetwoodusa.net was one of the first to pioneer the “invisible” sliding, multi-panel doors, and are now also recognized for their recycled aluminum and glass materials.

2. KolbeWindows.com my personal choice when we built our home due to their energy efficiency and special, warrantied finishes which are resistant to salt air.

3. LaCantinadoors.com is a California based company known for it’s innovated and esthetically pleasing designs, like its folding doors which stack flush.

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